Friday, November 21, 2008

Could it be????

Twins separated at birth? Amy Winehouse without that huge beehive thing on her head....and Jerry Seinfeld.
I love her music and Jerry makes me laugh and reminds me of my friend Joe.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lean On Me..When Your Not Strong...I'll Be Your Friend, I'll Help You Carry Ooonnnn....

Sometimes life gets a little crazy. Sometimes we need a little help. Sometimes we want to help a little. It's all okay-really....
Im sure that you have all heard that teachers are overworked and underpaid. Its been like that for awhile and likely to continue, Obama or no Obama. So it's nice when you can turn to a peer for some simple words of encouragement, a shoulder to cry on , share a funny story or just vent..
Well, here at the Ridge, thats exactly what's happening . In our own classroom at lunchtime, we gather to get some therapy. Jennifer is a teacher during the day, a graduate student in Psychology at night, a tutor at night, a single mom of two and trust me, I don't know how she does it. She is intelligent, very hard working, thoughtful, creative, and caring. Which is why she conducts our "Lunchtime Therapy". Here is a clip of her last session (which happened to be today)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Fear It's Getting Worse, Folks.....

Spotted on Craigslist personals this morning.....

freins first is okay(but if good loving dont fallow?) - m4w - 55 (oakland pk blvd)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-11-15, 3:27AM EST

you need to find a gay person

hi i am from lebanon all that freind stuff (& going out )with no hope in sight is a boaring realation (dont you think)

get a dog call me i f you need a good man w/solid back bone

sam 954 552 3437

better yeath send me your photo (i hope you dont look like you know)

Location: oakland pk blvd
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interestsPostingID: 919857172

Here is my (never to be mailed) response:

Dear Sam:
In addition to the atrocious spelling, which is making my eye twitch as I scan my desk for a red pen, I must comment on the fact that you do not exactly present as God's gift to women.
And, no, "sam" I don't know what you mean when you write that if I send a picture, "you don't look like YOU KNOW"---you mean, LIKE YOU?
Because unless you have an enormously huge penis, or tongue or bank account, I predict that you will be advertising on Craigslist for a looooong time.
Some suggestions:
1. Use spellcheck/dictionary/or a smart friend to correct your spelling and grammar.
2. Leave gay references out of your ad---it screams IGNORANT!!
3. Make sure you have a solid erection to go with the solid backbone.
4. Don't post a picture of you and your mother (or is that you with "YOU KNOW" which case
it explains the expression on your face.
I will be checking back often to see how you are doing....I hope that your ad does not migrate to the "casual encounters" section, but I suppose you must do what you must do.....
Good Luck,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day----Some More Reasons To Be Thankful

Thirty- two years ago, I had the bright idea of joining the Army (obviously the circus wasn't in town, or it could have gone that way). Let me set the scene: 18, problems with authority, hard headed, defiant, lazy, loud, disco queen, etc (Can someone say, "Private Benjamin?). You get the picture. All the things the US Army DID NOT want. I will not bore you with the details of my enlistment except to say that a good time was had by all (except perhaps my family, when I did stupid things that worried them). I DID have the dubious distinction of being in the first group of women to be known as "soldiers" and not WACs (Womens Army Corp) as we were the first to engage in co-ed basic training and responsible for the same level of mastery in all areas as the men--right alongside them .

What this country should be thankful for was that as a Vietnam War Era veteran, in a peacetime Army, I did not see combat. A few photos to snap you back into reality and be thankful for me. Don't thank me for being a veteran, thank me for not re-enlisting.....

Who Me? No, I dont know how your air mattress got holes in it!!!!

Not a sobriety test -->

Martha Stewart would be proud...this is my barracks room---all Holly Hobbied and Micky Moused up!!!!

I'm tellin ya...count your blessings, America!!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Name That Answer.....

There was a show once upon a time...It was called " Name That Tune"..The contestants would listen to a melody and name it before their competition did. Nice show, I really enjoyed it.

Name That Tune Michael vs. Barbara Part 1 of 2
by JackBauer112

Fast forward about 26 years.....The boy-child calls and asks for advice...could be cooking, cleaning, laundry, relationships, etc......whatever.I am advised that it is stressful for him to call because I have too much to say...

Not a problem, I know that I overdo the conversation to include pros, cons and alternatives to whatever the question was......usually losing the caller in the end.....

So now, my son prefaces his calls with the phrase, "Name that answer in 10 words or less. mom, I'm in a hurry"..this is usually in response to something he needs in the grocery store, work issues, school, and he needs it immediately-if not sooner. Love that about him....nothing has changed in 26 years.....So, now I have to name that answer in 10 seconds, give or take a few?Well, i'll try, but i can't promise...I'm Latin...nothing can be said in few words.
But seriously, he is my can I deny him??? OK- I'll try....

Who am I kidding? Both my kids are MOST important... So, I better get it right

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chocolate News...No, Really !!

Here it is Wednesday. I'm recovering from my Tuesday Election night festivities at a local tavern (my candidate won) and very thankful that I can now go home and relax AND sleep. I get a call from a friend that I MUST watch South Park (I haven't watched that since Cartman found out about his father, or mother or something).
Well, I watched it and then this show called "Chocolate News" comes on. It's kind of like the Dave Chapelle Show, except its hosted and done by David Alan Grier. In any case, his opening monologue of course is the to-be-expected speech about Obama, and history and MLK yadda yadda yadda. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy the right person won, but its hard to beat the classy, eloquence of Obama's victory speech that night, and frankly, I'm done with hearing others go on about it.
So anyway, he goes into this skit where he is dressed as a woman who worked the polls during this election.....This is a great stuff....Wednesday night folks...Comedy Central....10:30, after South Park. Tune into "Chocolate News" will pee your pants. I did, but I'm's different with me....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not as Smart as I Thought.....

I admit it...I'm stumped. The behaviorist, strategist, modification whiz... stumped!!!! Can you believe it? It is sooo frustrating to me that it almost brings me to tears.....

I know that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results....So why do I keep extending myself and keep giving people the benefit of the
doubt if time and time again they end up disappointing me? and of course, each time I end up feeling more stupid....

Could be Karma....I know that I have disappointed people who gave me the benefit of the doubt and then got nothing in return--or worse. So tell me beloved blog readers----what to do? I am open to all suggestions. I can't feel any worse than I do right now....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dick n' Sandwich heard right. A few years ago, we were sitting around hours after the Thanksgiving meal, when my son said he wanted to have some pie. I said I was hungry as well. He asked what I was in the mood for and I said, "A dicken sandwich".
I thought my son's head was going to come off his shoulders. You would have thought I suggested that both he and his sister and I bond over some Brazilian Waxing sessions. It took some explaining, but he realized that I was talking about a REAL sandwich and not anything, uh...hmm, well, you know.....not a DICK and then a SANDWICH.

I'M YOUR MOTHER, FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!!! I'm open, but not THAT open!!!!!

After the initial shock wore off, then they made up some dick jokes of their own. Such as : Pat's girlfriend at the time did not want a dicken sandwich, but would rather have dick n' cider...and on and on in that vein---okay, maybe not the best choice of words there....

In any case....there is such a thing as a "Dicken Sandwich". The name and idea is copyrighted to McNallys Tavern, which bythe way has quite a history-and is simply a Turkey dinner---in a sandwich. THATS IT!!!!!! The most fun you can have with your clothes on, folks. I can't wait to use the term at the church socials and the PTA meetings. Im thinking it will increase participation at my Book Club gatherings, if I mention that refreshments will consist of dicken sandwiches and coffee or tea......

I know its still early, and it was all I could do to wait til November, but its the 1st of November now and this is why I look forward to Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sarah Palin is now the SECOND most powerful woman in the U.S.

FRI, NOV. 7, 2008

Obama's Loss Traced to Annette Dominguez

"Single Nonvoter Tipped Election to McCain-Palin Ticket "

Latest News
Gov. Palin: 'Lookit That—I'm The Second-Most Powerful Person In The World'
Neighbor: 'Annette Always Seemed So Normal'
World: 'Really? Again? Really?!?'
Health Care Advocates Predict Reform By 2034

Slow Week? Or Groundbreaking News? YOU Decide...

How to Find Out if Your Dog Likes McCain or Obama
By Eric Letendre
Rate: (6 Ratings)
Every four years the biggest election in the country takes place. It's an exciting time of the year for anyone even mildly interested in politics. But what about your dog? Is your dog a Democrat or a Republican? There is only one way to find out--you have to ask your dog. Before I go any further, I want to remind you that you should not get upset with your dog if they have a different political affiliation than you. Remember your Mother's advice: "Don't discuss politics, religion or money." In this article you'll discover how to ask your best friend this all important question.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Like Shooting Fish in a Fuckin' Barrel

What kind of person would I be if as a jumping off point, I were to use any of the pictures from this particular slide show? My integrity, consummate good taste, and credibility would forever (no matter how hard I scrubbed) be a wee bit tarnished.

Okay, that was hard...y'all know I don't give a fuck what people think. If they don't like what I write or post, they can take their ass elsewhere---oh, or THEY may be the subject of the next post..that's MY personal favorite.

So in the interest of wanting to post something and finding these pics to be like a car accident-you don't want to look, but still can't tear yourself away-consider this your Pre-Halloween trick post.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New--> Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Dear Ms. Lulu (AKA "the girl child"),

I have decided to enter your shoes in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (of shoes).
Marvin the Martian will be made into the opening float. Look how overjoyed they are!!!

Your (not cheap) cosmetology school mannequin head life-partners HAVE been elected as the Parade Martials to co-represent the LGBT community in the hopes that NY state will soon follow other forward thinking states and legalize marriage for Gay and Lesbian citizens.
New YorkNote: By a May 29, 2008 directive, New York only recognizes gay marriages from couples legally married outside of the state. read more

Until your acceptance letter is received, please place these shoes in your room for safekeeping, as I know there will be a mad rush to get initial interviews with them by the tabloids.
Thank you,
The Management (AKA Mom)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Get your flu shots!!!!!!

By coincidence, I came down with what I thought was a cold---the day BEFORE-I had scheduled my flu shot.
Needless to say, I went downhill quickly. In bed, headaches, chills, pains, aches, thirst. I have spent 4 days so far drinking liquids, peeing and sleeping. The way I look at it, the only good (always the optimist) that can come of this is that I drop a few pounds.
I happened to begin to experience complications from my asthma and hightailed it to the doctor today. Steroids are wonderful. (I know they are bad for you...but why is it that the things that make you feel good are either fattening , immoral or dangerous?). I won't go into the specifics, but by tomorrow I will be reroofing the house, changing the oil and tuning up the car, pressure cleaning the neighbors house, cooking 5 course meals and making my students beg the nurse for extra meds to slip to their teacher.....ahhh, steroids.
But---->If you don't have asthma or chronic bronchitis which may cause your blood oxygen level to drop to 95% or will have to follow the original regimen of liquids, tylenol, peeing and medrol dosepaks for you!!!!
Just be good to yourself and impose on you friends for chicken soup and runs to Publix for Ginger Ale (69 cents for 2 liters--such a deal).....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama, I love ya, but can you please stop calling?

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama, I love ya, but can you please stop calling?

I know its the big push...gotta get those uncommitted voters, gotta touch base with those early supporters , reinforce the strong points of the campaign, yadda yadda yadda. But O...times are tough and everytime you call me, you are using up my minutes!!! I find it hard to interrupt and cut off at the knees someone who sounds so nice and considerate when convincing me for the 47th time that I should vote for you. At this point , Im considering NOT voting so that I can not go into debt to pay my phone bill..unless of course you have a campaign promise for that...So let me reinforce the strong points of MY life....Im a professional and a student,a mother and a father, a lover not a hater, but sometimes a masterbater, doesn't really matter, im tired of all the Obama, I love ya babe, but ya gotta quit calling.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Home vs Human Maintenance

In the process of settling into a new (to me) home, I have encountered a few things that have required replacing or fixing. This does not seem unreasonable to me, although I began to see parallels in a home that had not been "lived in" for a while and myself who has not been "loved in" in a while. Stop-I know what your thinking, too much information right? I don't care-its my blog-get your big girl panties on and deal with it....

So I'm on a mission--okay, maybe not a mission, but I have at least set a goal: Get out, get a guy, get ______. (You get to fill in the blank). I'm not even looking for Mr. Right. I will settle for Mr. Right Now at least for awhile....I have a whole new respect for the term "test drive". I'm not trading in for a newer model, however. I would like someone my age or a bit older. A LITTLE BIT older....Well, we shall see.

As part of my renovation, replacement, maintenance, etc. I have had to unearth some clothing that I had kind of left behind which, frankly, were sexy. I need to find places to go that will utilize these great clothes and meet men who will appreciate them-and me. AND after last Saturdays outing with a girlfriend, I realized that I'm going to have to do some serious exercise to get back in shape. Stay tuned....
Sooooo.......What have I learned?
I'm thinking that its true that "If you don't use it you will lose it and/ or it will rust, clog, sputter, stain,creak, stall, lose pressure, drip, crack, mildew. This also applies to home maintenance.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ceiling Fan Sex

I shit you not...I sat straight up in bed at 3 at A .M yesterday because I could have sworn that I heard a MAN moaning and gasping and all while in "the act". Im thinking, damn.....that guy next door is pretty loud....and yes, I was still listening.....when I realized it was coming from the darn fan over my head.

So why was I listening? Well...if you have been around at all and have read this blog, you KNOW that I am a student of human nature---also known as a voyeur. Shoot me , ok? I yam what I yam.

What do I do???? Use WD40?, readjust the blades, recharge the rabbit and take advantage of the sound effect? I understand that this could be a good thing, but I also feel like it could be taunting me.........Any thoughts? (NOT YOU, JOE)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Moving, Moving On, Moving Out, Moving Along,Moving Up, Moving My Ass......

Ahhhh moving....As in moving from one place to another.....I hate it, dread it, but still, you'd think I'd be an expert by now. Grew up moving with my parents whenever a "better" opportunity came along in the way of building management, moving when I ran away and joined the Army, moving when I married an Army man, and of course the inevitable moving when the Army/Police man moved on to the trophy wife (please refer to Balls 1 and Balls 2----and that was ALL by the age of 24.
I hate it SO much, that I took 3 whole weeks to do it. I only moved as much as I could transport in my car one trip at a time, in the back seat and trunk without anything touching doors or ceiling of the car-unlike the illustration at left. Hence, the lack of update to my blog on a regular basis (well, as regular as it ever was).
The good news is that Im done and my life is settling into some semblance of its former self, albeit in a different setting. I HAVE although been finding things and making notes for future posts, so stay tuned.....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Surrogate Cat Sex

My kitty is in heat--My four-footed one,thanks
(no, Joe: Mine is not on the shelf, Bucko)

The poor thing is so miserable and Im going to get her fixed...she is on the list at the Spay Shuttle. Palm Beach County's answer to low cost, conveyor belt styled spay and neutering services. She is #1600 or was when I called and scheduled 2 months ago....

In the meanwhile, she is miserable and so are we. Its not the caterwauling that is usually the norm,but rather the rubbing and grunting and squirming and POSTURING that is the problem. So, I went online---and here is what I found. Once I got done laughing at the sheer perversity of introducing a q-tip into my cats vagina and simulating sex, I hid all the q-tips in case my son happened to read this post. Without further ado....please read the article that started it all....

How To Calm A Cat In Heat <--If anyone else has any realistic and less bestiality type hints, please feel free to let me know. Until then I will be attempting to cut in line at the Spay Shuttle...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dinner With Julie Part 2

A continuation of the August 17th post where we make plans to go to dinner with a most excellent waitress.

We had agreed to meet at the Lantana Ale House, a kind of sports, music, inside /outside seating kind of place. I have eaten there quite often and knew that there was a variety of food which most likely would please all the members of our party.

When we arrived, the sign at the door asked you to wait to be seated-Julie moves on past it, scans the area and chooses a set of tables that she proceeds to put together for us. We are still sheepishly inching our way towards the tables, waiting for a wait staff to question why we did not wait---I guess she thought better of asking after seeing how Julie took charge of the situation...
We are seated (by Julie) when suddenly our real waitress comes out and begins her spiel forgetting to mention "Todays specials". Julie jumps on that like white on rice---I was starting to feel afraid for the young waitress. Julie takes everyones drink order and then recites it back to the girl in an organized fashion along with our appetizer order. I thought this was the end of it and that the girl would take the hint that she needed to step up her game. I relaxed and let out a deep breath.
Well we start perusing the menu and it turns out that Julie is the Gold Medal winner in the"I have some questions" event. Joe used to swear that it was me, but it turns out I cannot even score bronze against Julie. Of course, her questions are better than mine because she knows what goes on behind the scenes in a restaurant. My burning question is always, "Are the wings breaded or can I git em nekkid?", which is enough to make Joe roll his eyes and apologize for the trouble I causing...DICK.
HE did not say peep during Julies interrogation of the waitress concerning cooking methods, frozen or fresh, light or heavy, trans fat or not, cream versus milk, real ice tea vs powdered, etc. I kept waiting for him to comment....DICK. Not even a vein on his bald head stood out...DICK.
In any case, I appreciated Julies expertise as she timed the waitresses trips to the table, refills of water, accuracy of dinner order....NONE of which were to Julies standards. It came down to a tip countdown, whch is to say everytime the waitress did not DO what Julie considered to be timely and appropriate, the announcement was made of what her tip had decreased to. When I heard 17% and we had just been served...all thoughts of trying out this line of work some summer went right out the window...I was not worthy :)
Im not quite sure what the final total was, although the bill was about $126.00 for six people....
I can't wait to go out again with Julie and Mike...... and DICK.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Miss Sister 2008---Coming to a church social hall near you!!!

Rome-Italian Priest Organizes a Beauty Contest--Finally someone is recognizing that nuns are women too and need to start becoming as self involved and superficial as the rest of their gender.
I know, I know...whats the world coming to? But did you really think that the world of high fashion, makeup, cosmetic surgery, and bitchiness would never expand to include the very women that practically pioneered the concept of the basic black dress?

Im not sure who the judges would be (thats a whole other blog post), but I would hope that they would be unbiased individuals with an appreciation for displays of womanly pulchritude. I mean, who can compete with Sophia Loren in a nuns habit?
I hope that we get to see some of this pageant, but while we are waiting, I have scoured the internet (okay, google images) for ideas as to what we would see... Im going to skip the Nuns Parade of Nations bit and go right to the talent show. Im thinking that many of these ladies would be performing this technique, perfected over many years of dealing with unruly Catholic school angels.

Then again there are the ones that have more of a Fine Arts bent and will wow you with their talent at painting from a live model.

What pageant would be complete without the Evening Gown competition? Black is a wonderful color. You can dress it up or down. An outfit you can wear from Convent, to classroom , to fetish convention to confessional, and back to the Convent.
The swimsuit competition is always popular (especially with the priests). Here is where the ladies can pull out all the stops and highlight their best assets . Modesty be damned...we gotta win!!!
But, as in any competition, there are winners and losers, and we would like to think that in the religious world, as community role models, that nuns would display admirable sportsmanship....well, you keep thinking that. Im here to tell you that they are just regular people and feel the ecstasy of winning and also the agony of defeat.

Gotta love it. Stay tuned.
Nun beauty pageant: Cat Fight at 11

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Opportunist? or Optimist?

In the midst of constant weather reporting, active tornado sightings and at least one causing damage in Wellington (just 10 miles from me), Im so glad that there are still people that can see the humor.....
(Posted on Craigslist under the FREE category for Palm Beach County)

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Free natural water.....forget Mona Vie (Rain-band)
Reply to: 2008-08-19, 4:19AM EDT

<--Put a bucket outside & get plenty.

Location: Rain-band
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interestsPostingID: 803053579

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Attention Aging Lesbians--You Need to Change To "Digital" Programming

My friend Joe and I can speak/discuss/debate and bicker about a plethora of subjects. He is Republican and I am Democrat. He likes Nine Inch Nails and I like James Brown. I am easy going and he is easily excitable. One of the best things we have in common is that we are tolerant of other peoples differences whether they are religious, sexual, culinary or fashion related.
So imagine my consternation when after telling a story ,multiple times, about a friend I have , who is a Lesbian and in her late 80's--Joe asks me if she is still a Lesbian. He asks me EVERY time. What does he think?
I watched this movie "Notes On a Scandal" with Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett. Heres the gist:

One of the best movies we've seen in a few years, "Notes on a Scandal" is a complex story, beautifully scripted and filmed by Director Richard Eyre. But let Rolling Stones' Peter Travers summarize it:
Blanchett plays Sheba Hart, a new art teacher at London's St. George School. Beautiful and upper-class, Sheba has an older husband (the ever-amazing Bill Nighy) and a son with Down syndrome. She is also having it on with Steven Connolly (Andrew Simpson), one of her fifteen-year-old students. It's Sheba's bad luck that while giving Steven a vigorous blow job she's caught by Barbara Covett (Dench), a lesbian teacher who agrees not to make a scandal if Sheba will become her friend. There's more, much more. And until the film goes off the deep end of melodrama, you'll be riveted. This is the bravest, riskiest role of Dench's brilliant screen career.
The film ends with Dench on the bench were she watches life pass by in front of her and awaits her next female victim. But her time on earth, and her profession life as a teacher, is growing short. Mixed up beauties like Blanchett don't come along every day. So a large part of her life is filled with bitter longing.
The use of sonata form to tie in the parallels between beginning and ending is highly effective, and emotionally rounds off the drama on an appropriate dissonant chord. It is almost as though a serial killer lies in wait for her next victim. It is inevitable that she come along. We wait with her.

But I as we were having breakfast--at Toojays--served by Julie---I got a call from my friend and Joe again asks---"Is she still a lesbian?" That did it....I turned to him and asked if he thought that women should change their thinking or how they express their sexuality if they are a lesbian of a certain age?

What do they need to do? Change to "digitalization" as opposed to being with a partner? What was the solution? Should they contact "CUMCAST" for their needs? Tell me their a cutoff age for Lesbians and their sexual orientation? I welcome your logical and pithy explanation...

Flo the Waitress Has Been Spotted at Toojays in Lake Worth

Dinner with Julie-Part 1

Remember the show "Alice"? It was a show set in Mel's Diner in Phoenix, Arizona. There was Mel, the owner/cook, Vera the shy waitress, Alice the newly arrived single mom waitress and Flo-my favorite.
My favorite because she was real- real honest, real loud, real intolerant of assholes and fools---My kinda woman.
As a point of reference, the picture of the cast of "Alice" is pictured on
the left. The blonde woman is Flo. Dont worry about anyone else in the picture, she is the only one that matters, except for the customers she abused, which are NOT pictured and are too many to present here.

Now.....please see the image of Julie (real name) at top right. I think Julie resembles Flo. Just my opinion. That is where the resemblance ends. I thought Flo was "assertive". Julie makes Flo look like Mother fuckin Teresa. She is a waitress at Toojays deli in downtown Lake Worth, and has been in this line of work for years apparently and successful for her inimitable way of interacting with customers whether they are hers or not. She is a mind reader almost.....don't piss her off and she will meet your every need---even before you know you have one.
My friends Joe and David invited me along to breakfast one morning and I met Julie. I thought she was great. Especially when she was having a conversation with us and told someone that was trying to speak that "they were not in this conversation and should shutup" -I think my dang nipples got hard.....

I had such a good time that Joe suggested we go to dinner later on. Julie's significant other Mike was at Toojays during all this and thought dinner was a good idea. So we made plans......I was curious...what is it like to go out to dinner with a person who is a server-and a good one?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Am Now Half a Century Old

July 29, 1958-A day that will live in infamy!!! ---at least to the individuals who had the dubious pleasure of being around me as I grew up and some others that sauntered thrugh my life after adulthood.

What other important milestones occurred on my birthdate? THIS DAY IN HISTORY Check it out....

So what does reaching 50 mean? For me it means gratitude that I am still alive and have not killed myself with as many stupid stunts I have participated in. I will not list them here, but instead have documented many in about 15 journals so far which will not see the light of day until I am dead and cannot be held responsible for whats in them.

On the other hand, I have done many good things that I am proud of and in the acknowledgement of perhaps another 50 years on this earth, I hope to do as much good as possible before I depart.....

Im grateful for my parents, my sisters and their families, my children, and the handful of individuals I consider to be friends...and you know who you are.

So Happy Birthday to me and here's to another great 50.... Please fasten your seatbelts, its gonna be a bumpy ride.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Big Apple----Never Disappoints.....

Today we decided to go into the city, as is our habit when we are visiting here. My parents were closer to the city before they moved, requiring only a short (3 mile) bus drive to the Subway station. But now, they are about 45 miles north and requires us to get on a commuter train to get to Grand Central and THEN use the subway system. Interesting change, and beautiful ride, but expensive especially if you do need the train to get into the city everyday....Our initial cash outlay for 2 round trip tickets PLUS 2 metro card fares for the subway=$49.00. We probably added about another $8 to that by taking more subway rides than we had
planned. But still, its worth it.

As always, I look forward to the eclectic collection of performers to be found in New York City's unique "underground arenas". Here you will find string quartets, comedians, card sharks, a capella singers, and of course the ubiquitous hip hop/ break dancer genre of entertainment.

And did I mention that they are also cute? What great personalities. The best part? They were working!!!!!!! Yes, they were soliciting money in the form of donations, but they were not on a street corner or a busy intersection just panhandling. I think the next "Americas Got Talent" should be held underground at several key NYC subway terminals--they are obviously overlooking a substantial source of talent.

We went to the upper east side to visit friends and have lunch, to SoHo to shop at American Apparel (Why? Because they charge $20 for shipping when you order online, so flying to New York to shop made sense----okay, at least to my daughter), to Times Square to have our usual photo op with "The Naked Cowboy", but we couldn't because he is in some kind of litigation with the Mars company over them dressing up an M&M like him or something. (Naked is featured in the latest issue of Time magazine-Aug 11) and finally anywhere I can get New York Pizza and perhaps an Italian ice- or 4.

and last but not least, since Lulu couldnt take her annual picture with the Naked Cowboy, she had her picture taken with his wannabe body double

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Love In the Afternoon...And the Afterlife...

After taking it easy from Fridays travels (and recovering from Fridays self medication after effects), I was eager to spend time with my parents and catch up....My daughter wanted to get out and explore since she had never visited this particular area since my parents moved. She took off and came back a couple of hours later with a great story....

My parents live in Carmel, New York; an area rich in history related directly to this country's early establishment. Surrounding towns have plaques and signs with dated information as far back as 1788, by my own observation. So it stands to reason that the nearby cemetery would be a pretty interesting place to visit . She walks down the hill and around the winding roads and goes to the Raymond Hill Cemetery.

She's walking around, taking photographs of some interesting tombstones, etc and she happens to see a couple sitting among the grave markers. She continues to stroll and snap pictures, and occasionally glances at the couple. All of a sudden she notices that the girls head is no longer visible. Circling around as unobtrusively as possible, she notices that the girl in question is still there, as is the boy, but she is uh, "otherwise engaged". With that discovery, Lulu hot foots it home to tell the story, to the amazement of my mother--not so much me, but you knew that....

Here are some pictures of some of the markers...
Obviously the one on the right is fairly recent....but great nonetheless...
NOT what she expected in this small town, but what the hell...she's my daughter and likes the twists and turns that life throws her....