Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!! (Film at 11)

Summer time....and the livin's easy......for me, not so much. I have been working summer school (If not for the money, to keep me out of trouble). Annette=Trouble magnet. Just ask my pal Joe: AKA the trouble accelerator :)
Now that summer school is over, I am traveling home to NY to see my parents and sisters. I haven't been there in a while in spite of my Dad having a stroke last year. I did the balancing act of "do I stay or do I go, now". My family said no, not yet...so I didn't. But now its time....

Im flying up with my daughter and driving my Dads car back. We usually have a good time just kind of messing around, stopping anywhere we want, and eating strange things. My daughter introduced me to "Walking Tacos" on our last road trip. this requires a knowledge and prior planning to be able to visit many 7-Eleven stores between West Palm Beach and New York City.

This makes it easy to construct the "Walking Taco", to wit:

1. 1 small bag of fritos

2. 2 pumps of hot dog chili from the hot dog condiment dispenser

3. 2 pumps of melted cheese , also from the hot dog condiment dispenser

4. Close the top of bag, shake, grab a fork or spoon and ENJOY.

Heres the problem....

GAS!!!!! in the CAR!!!!---CONTINUOUSLY.......until the next scheduled 7-eleven stop, which of course means another round of Walking Tacos....oh well.....stay tuned for pics and updates......and requests for a good car detailer....