Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Belated Anniversary----To Me!!!!!

How in the hell did I do that? I MISSED my one year blog anniversary by 2 days. I was so looking forward to it...damn.
Oh well, I guess I did celebrate in a way... I was out having a good time, right? That's all that matters....
In my search for an appropriate picture for this occasion, I came across this picture of Marilyn....I aspire to do this with my drink glass while I'm waiting to take the next sip, or a refill, or for a good looking man to notice or for someone to bring me my pants.
By coincidence, its the same knee that I had surgery on one year ago today....
I have had the best time this year...I hope y'all have as well.
Here's to more mindless frivolity...and I'll have whatever Marilyns drinking..