Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Miss Sister 2008---Coming to a church social hall near you!!!

Rome-Italian Priest Organizes a Beauty Contest--Finally someone is recognizing that nuns are women too and need to start becoming as self involved and superficial as the rest of their gender.
I know, I know...whats the world coming to? But did you really think that the world of high fashion, makeup, cosmetic surgery, and bitchiness would never expand to include the very women that practically pioneered the concept of the basic black dress?

Im not sure who the judges would be (thats a whole other blog post), but I would hope that they would be unbiased individuals with an appreciation for displays of womanly pulchritude. I mean, who can compete with Sophia Loren in a nuns habit?
I hope that we get to see some of this pageant, but while we are waiting, I have scoured the internet (okay, google images) for ideas as to what we would see... Im going to skip the Nuns Parade of Nations bit and go right to the talent show. Im thinking that many of these ladies would be performing this technique, perfected over many years of dealing with unruly Catholic school angels.

Then again there are the ones that have more of a Fine Arts bent and will wow you with their talent at painting from a live model.

What pageant would be complete without the Evening Gown competition? Black is a wonderful color. You can dress it up or down. An outfit you can wear from Convent, to classroom , to fetish convention to confessional, and back to the Convent.
The swimsuit competition is always popular (especially with the priests). Here is where the ladies can pull out all the stops and highlight their best assets . Modesty be damned...we gotta win!!!
But, as in any competition, there are winners and losers, and we would like to think that in the religious world, as community role models, that nuns would display admirable sportsmanship....well, you keep thinking that. Im here to tell you that they are just regular people and feel the ecstasy of winning and also the agony of defeat.

Gotta love it. Stay tuned.
Nun beauty pageant: Cat Fight at 11


Teresa said...

Hmmmm. What does the Pope think about this?

I sat by a Brother on my way home from a flight from Denver and I thought he was cute and then I flet bad because I thought that. :)

Onknees (not_onknees at the moment) said...

Teresa-I have to confess that I was having impure thoughts about the priest that administered my first communion at age 7....oh yeah, Im gonna burn in hell