Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day----Some More Reasons To Be Thankful

Thirty- two years ago, I had the bright idea of joining the Army (obviously the circus wasn't in town, or it could have gone that way). Let me set the scene: 18, problems with authority, hard headed, defiant, lazy, loud, disco queen, etc (Can someone say, "Private Benjamin?). You get the picture. All the things the US Army DID NOT want. I will not bore you with the details of my enlistment except to say that a good time was had by all (except perhaps my family, when I did stupid things that worried them). I DID have the dubious distinction of being in the first group of women to be known as "soldiers" and not WACs (Womens Army Corp) as we were the first to engage in co-ed basic training and responsible for the same level of mastery in all areas as the men--right alongside them .

What this country should be thankful for was that as a Vietnam War Era veteran, in a peacetime Army, I did not see combat. A few photos to snap you back into reality and be thankful for me. Don't thank me for being a veteran, thank me for not re-enlisting.....

Who Me? No, I dont know how your air mattress got holes in it!!!!

Not a sobriety test -->

Martha Stewart would be proud...this is my barracks room---all Holly Hobbied and Micky Moused up!!!!

I'm tellin ya...count your blessings, America!!!!