Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dick n' Sandwich heard right. A few years ago, we were sitting around hours after the Thanksgiving meal, when my son said he wanted to have some pie. I said I was hungry as well. He asked what I was in the mood for and I said, "A dicken sandwich".
I thought my son's head was going to come off his shoulders. You would have thought I suggested that both he and his sister and I bond over some Brazilian Waxing sessions. It took some explaining, but he realized that I was talking about a REAL sandwich and not anything, uh...hmm, well, you know.....not a DICK and then a SANDWICH.

I'M YOUR MOTHER, FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!!! I'm open, but not THAT open!!!!!

After the initial shock wore off, then they made up some dick jokes of their own. Such as : Pat's girlfriend at the time did not want a dicken sandwich, but would rather have dick n' cider...and on and on in that vein---okay, maybe not the best choice of words there....

In any case....there is such a thing as a "Dicken Sandwich". The name and idea is copyrighted to McNallys Tavern, which bythe way has quite a history-and is simply a Turkey dinner---in a sandwich. THATS IT!!!!!! The most fun you can have with your clothes on, folks. I can't wait to use the term at the church socials and the PTA meetings. Im thinking it will increase participation at my Book Club gatherings, if I mention that refreshments will consist of dicken sandwiches and coffee or tea......

I know its still early, and it was all I could do to wait til November, but its the 1st of November now and this is why I look forward to Thanksgiving!!!!!!

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