Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Am Now Half a Century Old

July 29, 1958-A day that will live in infamy!!! ---at least to the individuals who had the dubious pleasure of being around me as I grew up and some others that sauntered thrugh my life after adulthood.

What other important milestones occurred on my birthdate? THIS DAY IN HISTORY Check it out....

So what does reaching 50 mean? For me it means gratitude that I am still alive and have not killed myself with as many stupid stunts I have participated in. I will not list them here, but instead have documented many in about 15 journals so far which will not see the light of day until I am dead and cannot be held responsible for whats in them.

On the other hand, I have done many good things that I am proud of and in the acknowledgement of perhaps another 50 years on this earth, I hope to do as much good as possible before I depart.....

Im grateful for my parents, my sisters and their families, my children, and the handful of individuals I consider to be friends...and you know who you are.

So Happy Birthday to me and here's to another great 50.... Please fasten your seatbelts, its gonna be a bumpy ride.


Been there, done that said...

Happy Birthday! I really believe that the best is yet to come for us. We've got a great reason to do fun stuff: "I've got to do this before I die!" even though we plan on living 50 more years!
Best of health to you!

Cowgirl Betty said...

Oh Happy Birthday!! I'm excited for you. I would consider you a half-a-century young.

Keep fighting the good fight!


Joe said...

Happy B-Day