Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flo the Waitress Has Been Spotted at Toojays in Lake Worth

Dinner with Julie-Part 1

Remember the show "Alice"? It was a show set in Mel's Diner in Phoenix, Arizona. There was Mel, the owner/cook, Vera the shy waitress, Alice the newly arrived single mom waitress and Flo-my favorite.
My favorite because she was real- real honest, real loud, real intolerant of assholes and fools---My kinda woman.
As a point of reference, the picture of the cast of "Alice" is pictured on
the left. The blonde woman is Flo. Dont worry about anyone else in the picture, she is the only one that matters, except for the customers she abused, which are NOT pictured and are too many to present here.

Now.....please see the image of Julie (real name) at top right. I think Julie resembles Flo. Just my opinion. That is where the resemblance ends. I thought Flo was "assertive". Julie makes Flo look like Mother fuckin Teresa. She is a waitress at Toojays deli in downtown Lake Worth, and has been in this line of work for years apparently and successful for her inimitable way of interacting with customers whether they are hers or not. She is a mind reader almost.....don't piss her off and she will meet your every need---even before you know you have one.
My friends Joe and David invited me along to breakfast one morning and I met Julie. I thought she was great. Especially when she was having a conversation with us and told someone that was trying to speak that "they were not in this conversation and should shutup" -I think my dang nipples got hard.....

I had such a good time that Joe suggested we go to dinner later on. Julie's significant other Mike was at Toojays during all this and thought dinner was a good idea. So we made plans......I was curious...what is it like to go out to dinner with a person who is a server-and a good one?


Joe said...

You forgot to mention the lady with the nipples pointing towards the ground.

Cowgirl Betty said...

Oh . . . I wait with bated breath. We have quite a few waiters like Julie/Alice in the Upstate and the City.

Hun and I go to a Thai resteraunt frequently, and are usually served by a waiter who looks about 120 years old and he shuffles around, glares at rude customers, and knows our orders by heart. (He also feigns astonishment when we order our Pad Thai and Massaman Curry three chili peppers hot.

Joe said...

You also did not reference "strickly dickly"!

Joe said...

what about peek-a-boo?