Monday, July 28, 2008

The Big Apple----Never Disappoints.....

Today we decided to go into the city, as is our habit when we are visiting here. My parents were closer to the city before they moved, requiring only a short (3 mile) bus drive to the Subway station. But now, they are about 45 miles north and requires us to get on a commuter train to get to Grand Central and THEN use the subway system. Interesting change, and beautiful ride, but expensive especially if you do need the train to get into the city everyday....Our initial cash outlay for 2 round trip tickets PLUS 2 metro card fares for the subway=$49.00. We probably added about another $8 to that by taking more subway rides than we had
planned. But still, its worth it.

As always, I look forward to the eclectic collection of performers to be found in New York City's unique "underground arenas". Here you will find string quartets, comedians, card sharks, a capella singers, and of course the ubiquitous hip hop/ break dancer genre of entertainment.

And did I mention that they are also cute? What great personalities. The best part? They were working!!!!!!! Yes, they were soliciting money in the form of donations, but they were not on a street corner or a busy intersection just panhandling. I think the next "Americas Got Talent" should be held underground at several key NYC subway terminals--they are obviously overlooking a substantial source of talent.

We went to the upper east side to visit friends and have lunch, to SoHo to shop at American Apparel (Why? Because they charge $20 for shipping when you order online, so flying to New York to shop made sense----okay, at least to my daughter), to Times Square to have our usual photo op with "The Naked Cowboy", but we couldn't because he is in some kind of litigation with the Mars company over them dressing up an M&M like him or something. (Naked is featured in the latest issue of Time magazine-Aug 11) and finally anywhere I can get New York Pizza and perhaps an Italian ice- or 4.

and last but not least, since Lulu couldnt take her annual picture with the Naked Cowboy, she had her picture taken with his wannabe body double

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