Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just Announced!! New Spring Break Destinations!! All Inclusive!!

Hold the presses and don't let the plane leave the gate!! Gone are the days of crowding your friends in a compact car pooling your money for gas, food, lodgings and the ever important--BEER..... I have it on good authority that if you break out those preppy/golf/country club type outfits, (or borrow mummys and poppys) such as this spiffy looking couple here has,you can PRETEND to be interested in buying extremely high end $3.5M+ homes in veddy, veddy, exclusive, communities.

But thats not all folks...nope. It seems that when a well heeled couple such as Muffy and Bif here express a desire to purchase one of these homes, they are invited to stay on the property, use the facilities and even run up substantial bills, all in the name of completing a possible real estate transaction. Sometimes they even have on-site designers at their disposal to move furniture around a house for hours on end to envision what it may look like. Then...when suspicion creeps in, they scurry off in the middle of the night. Apparently this is not an isolated incident, but has not happened frequently enough to warrant viewing prospective mega-mansion buyers as pond scum.
My response to my friends lament about being naive and never thinking it could happen here, was to email him.....immediately.

Dear G:
That sucks ----Where do I sign up? Im on spring break next week and I would love to spend time at "__________" using their facilities and pretending to want to buy a home. Hang on while I dust off my clubs....BTW-is there a credit check? Can I blog about this wondrous opportunity? Can I bring a friend? or two? or 25?
Let me know,

My dearest A:
No, no backgound or credit check. This certainly falls under your "its not what you think" subject. Apparently these cats have done this same thing at other posh clubs in PB County and they are moving north. I will have a sales person call you for next week, lol!!!
Anyway that is my excitement for the day and it is only 7 am. How about you?
Take care,

So Spring Breakers, put away your cargo shorts and break out your Chinos and Madras shirts we're going to the club. Forget the beer, we're drinking Sapphire Gin Martinis. No wet t-shirts here----Backgammon's the name of the game. Unless of course the links are your style- the 19th hole adult beverages are least until we raise a few eyebrows,that is- and then it will be time to get out of Dodge.....

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