Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do the Nigerians Know That the Spanish Are Working Their Side of the Scam Street?

The nerve of those Spaniards!!! Let them get their own country to scam!! the Americans are ours!!!! Back off buzzards!!! Haven't you seen the lovely interview that ABC news did about us?

My friend Kat (yes, the Kat of the"Wings" post) has sent me a disturbing email relating that she was the possible target of a scam!!! But wait....NOT NIGERIANS. Spaniards. From Barcelona. Specifically a section called Viladecans. Before i get started, please read Kat's email to me...

Hi Annette,
I checked my school email and have received yet another scam money laundering scheme. This one really annoyed me. so I went to the isp and found it was in a section of Barcelona called Viladecans. Now, I've always been fond of Barcelona, considering Gaudi and all. So I became a bit peeved. I became more peeved when I realized the language the web sit was written in was Catalan. ( Don't give a mindless challenge) So I doped it out and found out that Viladecans was a section of Barcelona. Well Barcelona has a mayor right? So I forwarded him my letter voicing my concerns when I couldn't find a contact email for the web site. For good measure I also sent it to Interpol.

I received this email from some "scam artist" at a website originating from I do not read Catalan so I couldn't really read their web site. My Spanish is also a bit rusty. Google could not translate it. I hope you could forward this letter to let them know that a scam artist is attempting to commit fraud through the use of a viladecans web site. I don't think the people of viladecans want to be in the same group as the Nigerians. I hope that this email can find its way into the correct hands so that it will stop.
kathleen m

That Kat. nothing gets by her, boy. A mind like steal trap..You scammers better not mess with her. She'll sic the WORLD police on your ass.
I found this gentleman's solution to quite creative and certainly stopped the pesky correspondence problem. --> Hilarious Nigerian Scammer Story

419eater--> Thought it would be useful to video the scammers
In my search for creative ways to turn the tables on the scammers, I arrived at this site:
Scam-o-Rama . This is some funny stuff....I can't wait to get another scam letter so I can try some of these out...
And apparentlyits not just done through letters, but through dating sites as well.
Now about those Spanish scammers.....

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