Friday, April 4, 2008

Kate and Annette...2 Real Pissers...No...REALLY...Im serious....

Hey there faithful readers and even you one-night-standers (and you know who you are ...). Today was the day before the beginning of our spring break ( and man do we NEED it).
The policy at our school is that we dress professionally, eschewing blue jeans in favor of more business casual attire. Reasonable, right? I think so...and so do the other staff members.

But not Kate...she wears her jeans most days...but in the interest of fair play, I have to tell you that she is our Certified Behavior Analyst and in keeping with her duties, she may be wrestling kids around some days, thus her practical choice in clothing.

Well, on Thursday, someone asked one of the administrators whether they could wear jeans on Friday. the response was that we could have if Kate had not worn her jeans on Thursday. But he would be willing to make a deal. Staff members could wear jeans on Friday ONLY if Kate wore a dress on Friday.

Well, I know Kate is a good sport, but I don't know how many other times she may be willing to wear a skirt, so I had to take a picture.....If she gets mad, I'll remove it...maybe...or not. Probably not.

About the pissers part ( I have to explain it). One of the MANY things that we have in common is that we are MOTHERS. Unfortunately, we also both have weak bladders....see where I'm going with this? Although we are both very busy, we do find time to hang out in the hallways and chat every once in awhile. In conversation we will inadvertently start talking about funny things, situations, people, administrators,,,NO , NOT administrators, and we will both end up doubled over. Not so much in laughter anymore as in trying not to pee in our pants. We actually spent a training session avoiding this. It didn't work.....

She is very good at what she does and I am very lucky to have her as a friend. Now if we only had time to attend Kegel Exercise sessions together...wait, no..maybe separately. Together would be counter-productive for us AND all the other participants.
Just a thought...No one wants to pee a lot, but how about if we could help people that were CONSTIPATED? What if just by hanging around Kate and I, people would get the urge to have a bowel movement? Think of it....less time on the toilet, less incidence of hemmorhoids, no more swimmy donuts on your car seat, etc.... Just a thought...

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