Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Will I Dance Again?

You know, I think the universe must be conspiring to keep me from entering "So You Think You Can Dance"...This morning I woke up with a congested upper chest (stop-I know what your thinking) and some kind of productive coughing---but all in all, feeling like shit. I slogged through the day, finally acceepting the fact that I was going to go through this whole ordeal again---alone. yes folks, alone...long story but if you are interested i'll tell ya... My surgery is not scheduled until 3PM. I have to meet with the anesthesioligist an dhope that he can do it, if not I have to wait til Tues AND have another Pre-OP clearance---JOY...of curse at my expense.
Im sensing pessimism on my part and do not wish to engage, so i will stop now, have a glass of wine before my 12 midnight cut off time and relax.....more tomorrow

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