Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The 305-561-954-407 SCAM-Cuz After All, We ARE Bigger Than Nigeria

Just when you thought we, as a people could not get any stupider or unoriginal, comes the South Florida Craigslist Scammers. Jesus, we already can't operate a voting machine, we are a hurricane magnet, the world looks at us like we have 10 fuckin' heads and now we think we are Nigerians......

I have posted some very inconsequential ads on Craigslist in order to get rid of some stuff we no longer needed. One was for a car and the other was for an unopened shipment of Nutrisystem meals.

I should have known there was something up when I got normal responses followed shortly thereafter by emails outlining how the funds would get to me, how the shipping would be done, etc, etc, etc----oh and of course that matter of me cashing the check and forwarding the funds to the shipper...hmm, forgot about that part....

By this time, I understand whats going on and should probably leave it alone and chalk it up to experience....But noooooo....not me....., Im thinkin' "Its time to fuck with these assholes...." and fuck I will....

I went to the bank, asked about the availability of funds for that check (never intending to cash it), got all wide-eyed and flustered when the bank manager came to tell me that the check was no good and that he was afraid that I was being scammed---SCAMMED!!! Heavens to Mergatroid!!! The indignity of it all.....Imagine me...scammed...

He explained how there was a rash of these situations and that I had to be veeerrrryyyy careful. He also suggested that I file a complaint with the sherriffs department. I thanked him and told him I would take it under advisement.

I went home to find an email from from my friendly buyer, wondering where I was in the process as he was extremely anxious to conclude the deal.. I responded by expressing my amazement that there would be a problem with the check, lightly referencing the fact that law enforcement had expressed an interest and that perhaps they should send a money order for the exact amount and that I (in my extreme benevolence) would take care of the shipping myself....yup, I said that.

Later, there is an email suggesting that I just sell the item to someone else......Did I let it go at that? Of course...NOT!!!

The following is my exact email back to them....

From: Sent: Wed 7/16/2008 5:13 PM
You can cell the item to another person bye

To:brain bab []

From: Annette
The Palm Beach County Sheriffs department and Bank of America have solicited my help to begin an investigation in this case. I have not responded as yet because I went out of town today. I told them I had alot of aggravation and running around incurred in this deal without any financial renumeration to show for it. If I decide to go through with it, they will get the check, the UPS envelope, the remittance info, the ad,the emails and my personal banking information, in addition to my full cooperation plus perhaps a Crimestoppers Reward. They apparently have had a lot of other instances of this happening and are anxious to prosecute, as evidenced by their arrival at the bank yesterday when called by the manager for a check that they could not verify as being good.
I'm sorry that we were not able to work anything of luck in the future

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