Friday, June 6, 2008

Ohhhhh...So All This Time, We've Been Doing It All Wrong?

I thought NOT wearing panties was the way to make a man powerless to resist you. All this time and trouble spent on pruning, trimming, waxing and plucking so that you could whisper in your partners ear, "I'm not wearing any panties" as a prelude to sex--unnecessary!!!!! It turns out that leaving them on will sap a mans energy and render him powerless-at . least. in. -Burma.

Apparently, regional superstition in Burma holds that touching a woman's panties or even their traditional sarong, will make men powerless. This knowledge has become the impetus for the Panties For Peace movement initiated by a group of women from a Burmese peace activist group called - Lanna Action for Burma which is based in Thailand and is symbolic in protest of Myanmar junta’s violent crackdown of monks-led rallies in Yangon last month, and to oust the generals ruling the country from power, because they are superstitious.

One pair of panties is good, but millions would be better, so you can see how this has spread into a global effort. Large. Huge... ****(okay, so Im thinking that this has got to work for those ladies that DON'T want sex as well, cuz if Mr. Man has to take your panties off, the act of touching them will zap his energy and you will be back to sleep in no time)
As for moi, I don't wear panties (I know, TMI), so I will share a game with you that I have been playing for an amount of time, that I will not divulge here, except to say that am CEO of the "Center for the Easily Entertained"-Put on your big girl panties and deal with it....


Joe said...

who's panties are those?

Been there, done that said...

Those big granny panties remind me of something that made me laugh. My best friend and I were taking her 21-year-old daughter to NYC for her first time. Both of their carry-ons were chosen to be inspected further. (I guess I looked too normal.) When the airport dude was holding up the daughter's thong panties in front of everybody, my friend took off running. When I finally caught up with her, she explained. She told me that she was afraid that the airport dude was going to hold up her big butt panties and announce that she was not allowed to take a parachute onto the airplane. She was serious, but I had to sit down on the floor b/c I was laughing so hard.