Sunday, December 30, 2007

If Only Life Could Be Like My Car....

I am the proud owner of a 1986 Mustang convertible. i like it, i like driving it, (i especially like not making car payments), and I suppose that all things being equal, anytime it needs a repair i justify it by calculating how many car payments that would have been....hmmmm..

However, today my car did something i wish I could do. It would only stand still (park) or idle (neutral) or go into drive, overdrive(D, D1 and D2 respectively) but it would not reverse. Not a bad thing philosophically speaking.

So, upon realizing that I would again have to face making car repairs (and perhaps expensive ones), I did go in reverse. I immediately decided that it was time for a drink. Now, you must be thinking that im a complete wuss and that something like a car repair will send me running for the bottle, but this is not so folks; I have faced and endured many a trial in my almost 50 years and to my credit, I still see the good in things as opposed to the bad.

To the folks that don't know me, alcohol was always my first defense to deal with problems, people and later social anxiety, so for me to want a drink today was definitely to go in "reverse". But, its not that bad- i still count my blessings every day.... I think today was just the culmination of a "series of unfortunate events" including my dad having a stroke that made the thought of a stiff drink---THE thing I wanted at that moment. So I did....and I felt better. So much better that when my friend Joe called and suggested we go to Friendly's for dinner, I smiled because I knew that at the end of dinner, my day would have a "Happy Ending".


Cowgirl Betty said...

Sometimes we gotta look back to move forward, right? Cheers to you, and I hope your dad is doing better.

Teresa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I added you to my blogroll and thank you for the nice compliments. I can give you the CliffsNotes version--Scott went to war, we have 2 autistic boys and we were very young. We got a divorce. Now, there was plenty of hurt and pain in there, but it has been nearly 15years. Time and the over arching need to do the best for our boys has healed the wounds. I wish peace for you as well.