Saturday, June 28, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different....

Lilly McElroy --I first heard about this site in the newspaper or the magazine, made note of it and have finally gotten around to visiting it. The reason it got my attention in the first place was because Lilly throws herself at men. Not unusual in this day and age. Any Friday or Saturday night in any given bar across the world, WOMEN WILL THROW THEMSELVES AT MEN in various ways, shapes, forms, etc. but Lilly literally THROWS herself into mens arms, leaping through the air with apparently the greatest of evidenced by her portfolio on the website.

I looked at it a few minutes ago, and throwing herself at men is not the only thing she does. She is a performance artist--a brave one---when you reflect on what she does and what kind of attention it gets.

The site is a bit different to maneuver around, but well worth the time to view

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