Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Warning Ladies..."Mr Wonderful" Is Back on Craigslist!!

In the past 3 years, I have had the dubious pleasure of experiencing entertainment from what can only be called "selective amnesia-dementia-stupida with a secondary diagnosis of ego -grande -inflatus", apparently fueled by entirely too much 420 activity. Yup...rightcheer on Craigslist...imagine that.
Long story short: There is a guy named Craig- I shit you not-who periodically will post on Craigslist (all over the place) and present himself as a doctor, boater, surgeon, etc looking for a mate, soulmate, yada yada yada....

Well, he's back and although you will see that other ladies have posted on CL to out him...Im going to go one step further. Im going to blog about him here and then send him an email and invite him to check it out. I have no doubt that instead of pissing him off...this will serve to further inflate his ego. Thats okay...im sure he has nothing else to bring to the bed, er um...table.

Who Luvs Kravis Center Wellington Man 35 seeks Companion +420 - 35 (City Place on the 22nd)
Reply to: mailto:pers-687752655@craigslist.org?subject=Who%20Luvs%20Kravis%20Center%20Wellington%20Man%2035%20seeks%20Companion%20+420%20-%2035%20(City%20Place%20on%20the%2022nd)Date: 2008-05-20, 6:48AM EDT
Recently single and NOT looking for any drama...I have two tickets 4 JEWISH PRINCESSES OF COMEDY on the 22nd Thursday at 8:00 PM. We can go th dinner at ruth chris first...Single super hot Female only reply w/pic and I will reply. 420 only This is his post and these are the pics in the post.....and if this is all there was to it, i guess it would be innocent enough. Instead he has posted vulgar pics of women on the Craigslist later on and wrote that it was YOU!!!

Now, lets read some of the posts from the ladies (remember women scorned?)

YIKES Who Luvs 420? Wellington Man 35 seeks Boating - SICKO PSYCHO (CRAZY CRAIG THE LOON IS BACK)
Reply to: mailto:pers-687916864@craigslist.org?subject=YIKES%20Who%20Luvs%20420%3f%20Wellington%20Man%2035%20seeks%20Boating%20-%20SICKO%20PSYCHO%20(CRAZY%20CRAIG%20THE%20LOON%20IS%20BACK)Date: 2008-05-20, 10:31AM EDT
RUN GIRLS RUN. THIS SICK NUT has been blasted off CL for years. He was "38" years old 4 years ago. He is NOT polo player. He does NOT own horses or a boat even his pictures are ancient. As soon as you refuse him he posts pics of some girl with her legs SPREAD and says you asked him for fake boobs (his words) and that you're a crack whore. He doesn't even remember his own lies. Doesn't remember his age. Sometimes he's a "doctor" (ask him medical questions, he hasn't a clue!) then a realtor then .... He's a complete psychotic creep. He's creeped out women all over CL. WE keep exposing him to keep you SAFE.

RUN==Who Luvs Kravis Center Wellington Man 35 -PSYCHO CRAIG IS BACK (RUN LIKE HELL)
Reply to: mailto:pers-687912045@craigslist.org?subject=RUN==Who%20Luvs%20Kravis%20Center%20Wellington%20Man%2035%20-PSYCHO%20CRAIG%20IS%20BACK%20(RUN%20LIKE%20HELL)Date: 2008-05-20, 10:31AM EDT
Hey CRAIG did you forget your AGE??? It was 38 THREE Years ago!!!! THIS GUY IS a NUT ladies. He lies about his age, his profession (he tried being a "doctor" once but couldn't even discuss medical terminology) then a realtor then a Polo player. He's totally NUTs and has been run off every city on CL. His pics are OLD, and when you reject him he posts pictures of some poor girl with her legs spread and says it's YOU and that you want 'fake boobs'. This guy is the lowest sickest SCUM BAG NUTCASE on CL. RUN RUN RUN LIKE HELL. CRAIG GO BACK TO THE PSYCH WARD AND TAKE YOUR MEDS!!!!

And...the latest one from him....TODAY

Who Luvs Starbucks? MD / 35seeks $tarbucks Companion+420 - (WELLINGTON /VERSAILLES)
Reply to: mailto:pers-688456136@craigslist.org?subject=Who%20Luvs%20Starbucks%3f%20MD%20/%2035seeks%20$tarbucks%20Companion+420%20-%20%20%20(WELLINGTON%20/VERSAILLES)Date: 2008-05-20, 4:51PM EDT
Recently single very cool Doctor NOT looking for any drama...sEEKING Single super hot Female only reply w/ clear full body clothed pic and I will reply. I love my favorate Caffè Misto Café Au Lait and steamed milk I also like Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha after I smoke a 420 fattie. Hope to see you soon. Craig

This is the one Im responding to with an invite back to my place...uh...blog :) Come back to keep up with the adventures of "Craig-A Legend In His Own Mind!!!!!"

******This is a copy of the one I just placed a moment ago on Craigslist -----LOL -Enjoy!!****

Reply to: mailto:pers-688618377@craigslist.org?subject=Craig!!!!...Daaahhhllling!!!!Date: 2008-05-20, 6:42PM EDT
Hey Craig: Hows it going? I read with great interest your latest round of fiction disguised as personal ads. While I have followed your exploits rather unobtrusively from the sidelines and because your sad story is infinitely more interesting (okay-tabloidish) than what I had previously planned on blogging about (discriminatory practices at local malls), today I have decided to join the ranks of thse other ladies who deem it appropriate to "out" you. im not only responding to your ad here to OUT you, but you are my feature today on the blog. In addition to sending you this, i will also copy and paste this to Craigslist to ensure MAXIMUM exposure, thus assisting you in getting all those responses you are truly waiting for. No, no need to thank me. The pleasure is all mine, I can assure you.....If you would like to comment, please feel free-only do it on the blog where everyone can benefit from your experience.. www*onknees*blogspot*com

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