Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Florida Vacation Homes--starting at $37.46 per month !!!

Housing crisis? We don't got no stinkin housing crisis!! Right here in South Florida, a vacation home can be had for $37.46 including tax!! And guess what? There is no shortage of them!! What do you get for the money? Wait til you hear this....

Public Storage in picturesque Lake Worth, Florida offers a 5 x 5 unit, air conditioned, energy efficient, hurricane proof, efficiency apartment in a gated community environment with 24 hour security surveillance via video cameras both indoors and out.
How did I stumble on this best kept secret?( the key word here, being "stumble"...) Well, I am the proud owner of a unit in this same Public Storage facility, pay $37.46 a month to store my extra household items in it. One evening I went to the facility in preparation for a yard sale the next day. Upon entering the inner corridor leading to my unit, I noticed there was someone else in their unit, across the hall and 2 "doors" down. I complete my business and leave. Two nights later, I return again to store the items that did not sell. Guess what? My neighbor is there again!! I casually stroll by, perhaps to say hello or borrow a cup of sugar. Well, the door is open, the lights are on, and my neighbor is sitting in his unit in a camp chair, reading!! I have seen this gentleman before...under the I-95 overpass....panhandling. Obviously a snowbird from up north on the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder. Well, not wanting to disturb, and being a good neighbor, I lock my unit and leave.

On my drive home, my mind is racing with thoughts about what a deal this is, and how it can be duplicated in other cities... One story? 2 stories? In larger metropolitan cities..Penthouse digs?

And how about a larger space? For the transient traveler with family? The solutions are numerous.

Just like traditional housing rentals offer incentives like "1st month free", so do many public storage facilities.

As you can see for yourself, the design and placement of these various living communities are perfectly suited for the introvert as well as the extrovert.

AND...I was saving the best for last....there is one in Hawaii that made the news for their ginormous investment in partnering with a mosaic artist to render their facility to be more like a resort!!! A RESORT!! See the pic below of the artist and if you are interested in beginning to plan for that dream vacation in Hawaii and are interested in how much a months stay might run you...I have included the article for your perusal..
Well, what are you waiting for? Pack up the kids, the car and the little woman!!! Vacations in exotic locations are no longer for the rich and famouse. You too can be inviting the gang back apres ski for some hot toddys or can afford're living large on about a dollar a day....

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Cowgirl Betty said...

Hoo hoo! In Albany, all you need is a shotgun and squatter's rights for riverfront property!!

Bargain City!