Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

I love this day....and oddly, I love it more as a single person. The stress of trying to find the perfect gift, or go into debt trying to impress someone, who by the way, probably isn't worth it anyway if thats the way they measure your love for them, left me with more than just a bad taste in my mouth.
In my opinion, time is the most valuable thing you can get your sweetie for this holiday. We are all overworked, underpaid, perhaps underappreciated and definitely starved of "me" and "we" time. In addition it is still too close to the end of the last winter holiday season to fall victim again to the commercialization and hype of yet another gift giving event.

Time, sensitivity, consideration, a helping hand....all go along way towards expressing to someone that you care for them. Flowers and candy are nice, but if the day after Valentines Day you turn back into a selfish, self serving, crass, inconsiderate cave man (or woman) than you have missed the boat and I feel bad for your partner.
See the nice flower in the personalized holder above? Not only did I get this flower, but also the friendship of a funny, considerate, practical and caring man, who by the way is partnered with someone else, but nevertheless, has all the qualities I desire in a mate. He is considerate, helpful, caring and spends alot of time with his partner and thus explains the successful longevity of their relationship.

Whatever your relationship status....have a Happy Valentines Day....and don't overdo the chocolate :)


Joe said...

I see you appreciate your gift that keeps on giving, year after year!

BTW, I linked this to my page :)

Teresa said...

I gave up chocolate for Lent and as of day 9 I am doing well.