Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Boil On the Butt of Humanity

Castro Steps Down, Castro's Dead, Castro's Fallen and Can't Get up.....
Does It Really Matter?...I Mean Really?

As a first generation American of Cuban immigrant parents, I should feel some sense of relief, but I don't. I am also too close to the subject to avoid getting emotional, as I have experienced my parents losses first hand: The loss of familial relationships, the frustration of knowing that your closest relatives need a particular medicine or treatment which you are able to pay for or provide, but you are not permitted to. The notification of the death of brothers and sisters, weeks and sometimes months after the fact. The confiscation of family land and businesses-never to be recovered. Separation of children and parents in order to go to work camps in the hopes it will aid in getting a visa to come here....the list goes on and on.

When I think about my parents courage in leaving their country and families in the 50's to come to the United States, its not the physical act of emigrating that I dwell on. The most courageous part is living here with the knowledge that your loved ones are doing without, may be politically persecuted, are being denied basic human rights all in the name of the Revolution....I wonder, if they had to do it all over again, would they make the same choice?

When the news that Castro had stepped down, I was not too excited, because unless you scrap everyone who supported that regime and install new, it is like a cancer that will never be completely eradicated. Cutting out some pathetic, sickly, senior citizen, and has-been revolutionary is like trying to pretend that perhaps a "different" Republican will make a difference in our own countries government. (Ouch-that hurt, Joe didn't it?)

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