Monday, January 14, 2008

DeDiamond? or DeTransmission?

You know how the DeBeers (Diamonds)

theme song was identified as THE song that strikes terror into the hearts of men?

Well, I can tell you that someone ought to make one for women and transmission repairs.

On the 3oth of December, I was tooling along in my 86 Mustang, when I heard a CLUNK---from underneath!!! Yes folks, UNDERNEATH!! It was 2pm and I had not had a drink yet, so it couldn't be a person under the car...the animals were inside, so it wasn't them....hmmmm. Oh well, perhaps it was the car settling, after IS old.

I go to Publix for some groceries and when I come out and get ready to leave, my car will not go into reverse!! Okay, time to panic....Then, I thought: I will just drive forward all the time and not park in such a way that I have to reverse--splendid idea. Now back to the New Years Eve festivities preparations.

But wait, that is OLD thinking....NEW thinking is, take care of things as they come up and they will cost less than waiting for it to completely break down. Good thinking. Tomorrow I would take it to a transmission shop first thing.

****Just to interject. My holiday present to myself was going to be a nice piece of jewelry, most likely to include diamonds in some way shape or form. Perhaps a nice right hand ring for myself. It goes without saying that it did not happen (refer to the title of this posting).

I go to the transmission shop, Im assured that it is a minor repair and that it will be relatively inexpensive. So much so, that THEY will arrange the rental car for me and give me a call with the estimate most likely on Jan 2. Okay, I'm feeling better...I'm confident....I trust the nice man behind the counter that makes a commission from selling service to automobile owners..

On the 2d, I get a call. You guessed it, needs to be rebuilt....blah blah blah....cheapest option....blah, blah, blah....AAA discount....blah blah blah......11.1 hours labor according to Chilton blah blah blah and grand total......$1245.00.

I'm not going to go into the gruesome details, but suffice to say that I opened the only unopened bottle of champagne in the fridge at 8:30 AM and started drowning my sorrows and mourning the demise of a possible jewelry purchase. My son comes in and tells me to call a salvage yard, find my own transmission and then have them install it. What a kid---so smart. Transmission $275.00, install $389.00. Such a deal. Rental is $25.00 a day-piece of cake. I'm on my way.... more champagne to celebrate having such a smart kid...... Maybe a used diamond......?

Fast forward.....January 11, 2008....repairs completed transmission $275.00 + Labor $389.00 + Rental (10 days and gas) $545.00 = $1209.00.

Another bottle of champagne in fridge when you need it? PRICELESS


Cowgirl Betty said...

I think I'm still in the denial phase about my car. Hun duct taped my side mirror on after I clipped my mirror while backing out of our monster-long driveway. Note to self: oil change.

Nope, I'm not in denial--Norma Jean can last 10 more years!

Joe said...

Dearest Annette,

Does your mother know what you're doing?