Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Unhappy Knee: A Social Story

Well folks, as you can see, the left knee is unhappy. The right knee wants to make it smile. The left knee is not having any part of it. The right knee says, "Come on, lets go dancing. I'll even let you lead" . Instead it wants to wallow in self pity and maybe a martini or two intermittently wailing "Why me?" between sips....
The good news--> the visit to the doctor went well. She got all the wire out except for a piece that is behind my knee-ouch and that she says she tried to get, but just could not. Unless it causes a problem, surgery to remove it is a high risk deal because of artery, veins and other encumbrances.
Bad news--> The stitches stay in and I return next Wednesday morning. At which time i will be moved into my new first story digs and able to devote myself to physical therapy and the business of getting better.

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